Geometry Jump World

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Prepare for playing 15 excellent modes in Geometry Jump World! Dodge all dangerous obstacles on the track because your square can be broken with one touch.

Are you ready to control a fun object at a high speed? If yes, you can't ignore this game. Coming to Geometry Jump World, you have an opportunity to explore a geometry world. In this world, you can see many different characters with many different shapes. The game provides a thrilling feeling when enjoying the geometry race. Therefore, this game is on the favourite list of many players across the world. Can you complete all modes? If you also want to discover more about this world, you can click on Geometry Dash Unblocked.

The gameplay of Geometry Jump World

In Geometry Jump World, your main target is to avoid all obstacles on the road. You can jump on the safe stairs to get over the problem. One special thing is you not only can run on the ground. On some levels, you can fly over the obstacles without any touches. How to know you pass a level in a mode. You can see the exit hole at the end of the track. Moreover, you can see a bar on the top of the screen. It is your process of finish of a mode. If the ball reaches 100%, you complete that mode. Of course, the further your character moves, the more obstacles you face. To pass the deadly traps, you need to estimate correctly the distance between the character and the traps to have reasonable jumps. The game requires great observation and control skills.

How many modes you can play

The game has 15 modes which have increasing difficulties. You can base on the number of stars to know its difficulty. You can play from the easy modes to master modes to increase your skills. The master modes will include a lot of hard levels which have thousand of big obstacles. The good thing for players is they don't need to unlock the mode one by one. Select a suitable mode and start your adventure in a strange world. How many modes can you pass? Are you confident with your skills? Let's play the game to answer all questions. If you can finish 15 modes with ease, you should try Geometry Loop Jump. The game with very hard modes will challenge your skills.

Get over 15 modes of Geometry Jump World with simple tips

  • Choose your favourite character can be your motivation
  • When playing flying levels, remember the no-touch rule
  • Definity the location of the characters and obstacles, traps are necessary to make correct jumps
  • Play in full-screen mode for the best experience


Is Geometry Jump World available for free?

Yes, you can play this game on our web for free.

Can I hack Geometry Jump World?

We strongly recommend overcoming the game by your ability. It is a good chance to know your ability.

How to control Geometry Jump World?

Click the mouse to jump or fly, keep the ball safe.

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