Square Monsters

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Help squares reach to the portal at the same time in the Square Monsters game! With various puzzles, you need to solve all problems by jumping over obstacles.

The game offers new gameplay where you have to control many square monsters simultaneously. All the monsters will move same together. The paths of these squares are different. The first square can have a normal path. However, the second square faces deadly obstacles. Therefore, you need to make strategies to help all of them go to the portals. The squares move at the same time, so it is hard to avoid the obstacles.

Moreover, there are many spikes and gaps along the way. You must observe them and the square monster's position to jump reasonably. You must restart the level if one monster falls into the gap or collides with the obstacles.

It sounds easy, but it is challenging. The number of monsters will increase to the next level. The way will be more and more struggling with many stairs. Beware of some portals which can be suitable for two monsters simultaneous. Do you want control only one square character? You can do it in Go Up Dash where you help one square pass many traps.

More Information about Square Monsters

Features of Square Monster

  • Simple graphics and mechanics
  • Requires your intelligence
  • Level up to challenge you
  • Fun and exciting game

This game has simple graphics. You will see pictures of cute green squares. They stand out against the dark background. However, control skills and intelligence are essential in this game. With many hard levels, you can challenge your limit. The game is also suitable for all ages because it help players exercise their brain. How many levels can you pass? Can you move all monsters to the destination? Click on the game to know. Good luck!

Developer: Zapjee Company

Release Date: Mon May 30, 2022

How to control

  • Up arrow or space bar to jump
  • Right or left arrows to move forward and backward

How To Play

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