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About Slope

Join the light race and help your ball run as far as possible is what you need to achieve in the game Slope. Are you ready to conquer this race?

Challenges you need to overcome in Slope

At the beginning of the game, the ball will only move at a moderate speed, but on the track, it rolls faster and faster every time it jumps. Besides, the obstacles will appear in turn on your way. Therefore, you should always watch your next moves to find the right place to move first, and then jump or switch sides to go to that position. The track can even tilt left or right so you should be careful, and focus on controlling the ball. As long as you are not careful, the ball will fall off the track or hit an obstacle, then the game will be over. Each time you lose, you can only play again from the beginning, so run as far as possible. The farther you run, the higher your score will be.

Features of Slope

When you become a member of Slope, you can log in to your account. As such, your race results can be saved so that you know the highest score you have ever achieved. Besides, if you play well, your name can also be displayed on the rankings of the best players. If you try to play this game, you will find that not only the 3D graphics but also the music of this game will captivate you, making it easy to immerse yourself in it. Similarly, Slope 3 can also do these things for you. It has been upgraded to be more beautiful, and more convenient.

How to control

You can use the arrow keys to control the ball.