Slope 3

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Slope 3 is an attractive game in which you have to steer a ball on many narrow tracks and face many obstacles. Can you tackle many difficulties on the way?

The mission of Slope 3

Like the previous version, your primary target is to roll as far as possible because you are enjoying an infinite race. The further your ball moves, the more points you get. So, combine the control button efficiently to keep all balance on the road. You should ensure that your ball always is in the middle of the tracks. If your ball falls into space, you must restart the game.

Difficulties and solutions in the Slope 3 game

There is no finish line, so you can play the game until the ball is broken. The tracks aren't easy to overcome. They may be very narrow, not even, and include many red walls. Especially, the red blocks can be movable and you need to predict their movement. Then, use your skills to dodge them. Press the right and left arrows or AD keys to steer the ball. You will have to move on constantly changing roads. Therefore, you must keep the ball's balance to avoid falling into space. Always observe the next tracks to determine the best place for the ball. If you think Slope 3 is too familiar with only one ball through all tracks, Geometry Dash Unblocked will be a perfect choice for you.

Other interesting information about Slope 3

  • This game is the third version of the slope game series. The graphics and difficulty of this game are improved. Like Slope Game, this game is an endless game where you maintain a ball as long as you can. Of course, the speed of the ball will increase according to how far it rolls.
  • In this game, you can see the top players on a leaderboard. You can see the leaderboard on the main menu, under the play button. Specifically, you can see the top players within 7 days, 30 days, all time, or today. Can you get your name on the leaderboard? Will you be on top today, with 7 days, 30 days, or even all time? Remember to enter your username before playing the game.
  • As mentioned, the game's graphic is very impressive. Slope 3 gives 3D details that bring a unique sense to players. Even you can feel the ball's gravity when it is moving. The background of this game is also unique and attractive. You will have a chance to explore the sparkling galaxy with many stars and colorful buildings. Therefore, this game is ideal for your leisure time or after a long day. How far can your ball move? Click on the game to know the answer. Good luck!

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