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Shape Shift Run

About Shape Shift Run

Shape Shift Run requires you to change shapes to get over many obstacles on the road. The further you go, the more points you get. How far can you go?

Shape Shift Run gameplay 

The game offers easy gameplay where you have to click the mouse to change the shape of your object. You have to move on a narrow road and jumping is impossible. There are many gates on this road. You cannot avoid these gates or jump over them. The only way is to go through them by shifting the shape. Each gate has a gap that is a different shape. Your task is to observe the shapes of the gaps, then click the mouse to shift the shape of your object. The object will move continuously, so you don’t have time to stop and think. Try your best to decide as fast as possible, but they must be true. It sounds easy, but it is hard to be a master. Moreover, the speed of the object will increase when you move further which makes the game more challenging. 

More interesting things about Shape Shift Run

If you are looking for a game for your free time, you can try Shape Shift Run. The game can bring a relaxing time for you after a long day. Moreover, the game is endless, you can play forever until the object collides with the gates. Therefore, maintain the object safe as long as possible. The further distance your object moves, the more points you gain. Can you defeat your own record? Besides Shape Shift Run, we want to suggest another game in which you also play with the shapes. It is Geometry. Both these games will help children learn more about geometry. 

Come and enjoy this incredible game now!

How to control

Click the mouse to change the shape


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