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Geometry is a kind of hyper-casual game in which you will drop the geometry in the middle of your screen that matches the same shape among different geometry shapes running on a carousel

There are many running games on the internet. Now, a new game appears on our web. People can be extremely familiar with the word "geometry" and how to play online games having this word. However, Geometry is quite different from others. Instead of controlling a geometry running and overcoming thousands of obstacles, you will drop any geometry such as circle, triangle, square, and rhombus into the exact same one which is running on a carousel. If you drop into different shapes or on the space, the game will end immediately

Some players will think it is easy to defeat the Geometry game. However, this game requires players have to skilful abilities of speed and estimation because the speed of the carousel will be faster and faster. If you are not a professional one in them, do not worry because this game's levels are arranged from easiest to the most difficult. Its aim is to help people can practice and enhance their skills to be pros while relaxing

Besides, there are some traps on the road to conquer. For example, there are sometimes two geometries standing together that make you confused as to choose or not, especially at the fast speed of the carousel. The carousel can move from left to right or change direction suddenly. Therefore, let's be cautious because you have to start again if you choose the wrong target. When you start to access the game, you will see a sample video, and watch it to get a deeper understanding

Some features of Geometry:

The game offers easy gameplay, so it is suitable for all ages, even children. Moreover, when children play this game, they can exercise their brains about geometry. Their reaction also is improved. The game has simple graphics, but it has a unique rule which is different from other geometry games. You just drop your geometry into the same shapes which appear on the carousel. Moreover, the music of the game is very attractive, so you can relax with Geometry and music. However, if you want to play a running geometry game, Geometry Dash Unblocked is an ideal game for you

Tips and tricks for Geometry

  • You can drop your shape into a corner of the same shapes on the carousel. No need to drop in the middle of them
  • Knowing the locations of other shapes is very necessary
  • This is an endless game. Therefore, the more shapes you crash, the more points you get. You can see your points at the middle of the screen while you are playing Geometry
  • You can turn off or on music by clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom left corner of the screen
  • You can play the game in full-screen to have a great experience

How to control

Use the computer mouse or touchscreen to play

How To Play

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