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Santa Run

About Santa Run

Christmas is coming, do you want to receive gifts? Your mission is to help Santa collect lots of gifts and run as far as you can in the game Santa Run.

Collecting many presents in Santa Run

Participating in this game, you will play as Santa Claus on his way to collect gifts. The further you run, the higher the chance of many gifts, so your score will also increase. However, on the track, you will encounter many obstacles that prevent your steps. It can be a barrier, a truck, or a bus, but as long as you focus and react a little quickly, overcoming them will not be too difficult. If in Santa Run, the track is infinite, with Go Up Dash you will control the character to run to the finish line and complete the levels. This is also a fun running game, well worth a try, if you've played Santa Run to the point of boredom give it a try.

The interest Santa Run brings to players

The racing track of Santa Claus is endless, you can run as long as you can avoid colliding with the obstacles. With the distance and the number of gifts you collect after each turn, you will receive a worthy score, the system will calculate for you and display your best points. Play and keep updating your best score. The game has a funny sound that makes you think of Christmas. Besides, the migration is also quite simple. All these factors promise to help Santa Run become a game that many people love and choose to entertain when stressed and tired. If you are also looking for a game to entertain, you should not miss Santa Run!

How to control

You can use the arrow keys or the mouse to control the character.