Red Light Green Light

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Welcome to the Squid world in Red Light Green Light. Stop running at right time and dodge obstacles on the road. Can you defeat other players and be the winner?

Are you a big fan of Squid Game? If yes, you may know the first round of the Squid game - Red Light Green Light. Now, this round arrives on our web as a private game. This game has the same rule as the first round of Squid Game. This is a multiplayer game, so you must battle with three opponents.

The rule of Red Light Green Light

In this game, you have to defeat all opponents to reach the finish line first. There are thousands of dangerous obstacles on your way. Click the mouse to move and release reasonably to stop to get away from the obstacles. Don't move or run after the three-second countdown. If you are discovered, you have to start the race again. Be careful when a red laze. Be careful when the laser beam is on you. That's when the robot doll is looking at you. That can slow down the progress of reaching the finish line. Pass the levels to get coins. You can use the coins to unlock many fun characters. The higher level you are, the more opponents you have to battle.

Let's play the game to have a relaxing time. Defeat all the opponents to be the final winner and get more coins. Then, unlock all the characters. Besides Red Light Green Light, Geometry Jump World is an entertaining game which has many cool skins.

More information about Red Light Green Light game

  • You can enter the game every day to receive daily gifts.
  • There is a wheel of fortune on the main menu. You can spin it to earn more coins or even new skins.
  • The more coins the skin costs, the more beautiful it is

How to control

Click the mouse to move and release to stop the character

How To Play

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