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Rainbow Friends Survival Puzzle

About Rainbow Friends Survival Puzzle

Join Rainbow Friends Survival Puzzle to take part in the thrilling action survival game. In the game, stay away from the blue monster and collect coins all over the room to survive.

Developer and release date

Black Adams created this interesting action survival game on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. Like Hammer Hit, from the day it was launched, the game has attracted a lot of players, especially children.

The objective of Rainbow Friends Survival Puzzle

You are an Among Us crewmate in this game and are in a dangerous situation. You and a blue monster are locked in an unknown room. This terrible monster is trying to catch you to eat. Eliminating it is an impossible thing in this exciting game. Therefore, the only thing you can do to escape is to collect all the gold coins to unlock the exit. Remember to keep a distance from the monster and don't let it catch you. After the exit door opens, don't hesitate to jump into it. How long can you survive and escape from the monster? Good luck!