Hammer Hit

About Hammer Hit

Hammer Hit is a fun puzzle game created by MeyaGames. Your goal in this game is to destroy the enemy by using the warrior shields to bounce the hammer.

Your mission in the game

In this game, you own a hammer as a weapon and use it to destroy your enemies. Throw the hammer at the exact location of the enemy and you can complete the purpose. However, hitting the enemy is not easy. Enemies often stand in a position that is difficult for you to successfully perform that action. Therefore, you must take advantage of the warrior shields. These shields can deflect the hammer and help it hit the target. In addition, if you want to enjoy other games, Dino Game is a recommended game for you.

Great features of the game

  • There are up to 50 levels with increasing challenges for players to enjoy.
  • There is a line that supports you to know exactly the direction of the hammer.
  • On the top of the screen, players can know the level they are at. They can also restart the level or comeback the menu thanks to clicking the house and replay symbols.