Police Car Drive

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Police Car Drive is an exciting driving game with 20 challenging levels. Drive the police car to the finish line and collect as much money as you can.

Play this game to try driving the police car. You must drive it to go on the road of the town. Collect as much money as possible along the way. In this game, you are allowed to crash into other vehicles. The more vehicles you can collide with, the more money you can earn. Therefore, don't hesitate to hit other vehicles on the road to earn as much money as possible. Do your best to reach the finish line to step up to the next level.

Come on! If you are a big fan of driving games such as Among Cars or Hill Climb Racing 2, this game is a perfect fit for you. Try it and enjoy it. Besides, our website presents Geometry Dash Unblocked which is an exciting game on our website. If you have free time, check it out!

How to control

Press Left-Right Mouse button to move left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key to increase the speed.

Press a Down Arrow Key to use the handbrake.

How To Play

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