Among Cars

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Among Cars is an entertaining car battle game in which you control an among us character driving a car and destroy your opponent. Enjoy the game.

It seems that you are extremely familiar with the cute among us character. Come to the Among Cars game to be with these characters who take part in car battles. Your duty in this game is to drive your car to collide with other ones and destroy them to be the winner.

When starting the game, you will be navigated to a section in which you chose your name and create your battle car. There are a lot of different kinds of battle cars here. However, you are just able to design a basic and normal car as a beginner. To be able to own other cars, you have to earn points from battles and buy them. After you own a battle car, come back to the menu of the game to start the game immediately. Your opponents at the beginning are basic players like you and then you will have to face the stronger ones. You are the winner of a battle when your battle car opponent is broken. You will receive a certain number of coins or points as a reward. Use them to upgrade your battle car.

Features of the game

  • The cute among us character
  • The gameplay is simple and easy to play
  • Great graphics and interesting sound effects
  • Suitable for all people of ages

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move or follow the instruction.

How To Play

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