Monster Clicker

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Destroy the monsters that are invading your kingdom. You will have to click on the monsters to destroy them. These monsters will appear one after another and you will also destroy them one after another. At first, these monsters will be quite weak. You can easily kill them. However, they will become more and more powerful. Don't worry too much when your weapon will also be more powerful.

Simple gameplay of Monster Clicker

In this game, shooting and driving abilities are not necessary. On the creatures, simply left-click. Through the health meter on the screen, you can observe their health points. The monster will be eliminated after these bars are exhausted. Your first harm will be really little. You should thus increase your strength. Simply click the button to level up to gain more power. Of course, upgrading requires coins. You're too worn out to continually click. You may click automatically by using the speed booster button. This functionality is transient, though. After that, you must click by hand. I sincerely hope you like this game. The more coins you have, the more monsters that die. Use it to upgrade your weapons right away. This peaceful gameplay is no longer suitable for you. We will suggest a new game which is Geometry.

Features of Monster Clicker

  • There are 3 stages for you to experience. You have to pass a certain number of levels to unlock these stages.
  • You can play this game forever until you get bored of it.
  • Suitable for everyone, including children. They can have a relaxing time playing this game.

Control: Click to play this game.

How To Play

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