Money Movers 2

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Welcome to Money Movers 2 which is the second version of the Money Movers series. Control two brothers to break into their father's cell and save him.

The second installment of this famous series is back. In this edition, you will join another thrilling plan of two brothers. They plan to break into their father's cell and help him escape from prison safely. Find the way to reach the exit door. Take caution with security cameras, laser detectors, and guards. If you get caught, the plan fails. Therefore, you must dodge them at all costs. Utilize the special abilities of two brothers to collect three money bags and complete the level in the shortest time. If you enjoy this game, don't ignore Dino Game, Geometry Dash Unblocked, Cuphead, and Freddy Run 3 which are also excellent games.

How to control


Press the WASD keys to control the small brother


Press ARROW KEYS to control the big brother.

How To Play

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