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Freddy Run 3

About Freddy Run 3

Freddy is playing a video game. His mother wants him to go to sleep because it's late. That night, he has a nightmare. In his dream, he becomes a game character who is arrested in a mysterious castle. He has to escape from a terrible castle before be killing. Your mission is to help him survive this nightmare.

Easy gameplay in Freddy Run 3

Run and run! In this game, you need to reach the destination to pass a level. On the way, you have to face many challenges such as monsters, traps, and gaps. Let's use your keyboard to dodge all of them. Make sure that you avoid all spikes, and blades and kill the evil with your fireballs. In this game, you only have three lives so be careful. There are many levels for you to challenge. How many levels can you finish? We are waiting to see your result.

More things about Freddy Run 3

  • This game has a retro feel but sharp graphics.
  • It requires your control skill. You also can improve your control skill through this game or the Slope Run game.
  • This running game was released on May 2017 as a Flash version. However, it was recreated with HTML5 technology on October 2019. Therefore, you can play the game on your mobile and desktop.
  • Adytt developed Freddy Run 3

How to control Freedy

  • Use the left and right arrows to move left and right
  • Use the up arrow to jump. Hold for a long jump
  • X to shoot