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Might And Magic Armies

About Might And Magic Armies

Have you ever thought about building an army for yourself? This is something that cannot be done in real life. However, Might And Magic Armies can make your dreams come true. In this game, you will become a general. Collect as many soldiers on the way to increase the strength of your army. This strategy game requires you to come up with great strategies to defeat the enemy, Remember that you are not the only one with an army. This is a multiplayer game, so you will have to play against a lot of players around the world. If you don't want to be a leader of an army, you can be a hero in Geometry Neon Dash.

Might And Magic Armies strategy

Embark on a journey to build, command and destroy the most powerful army on all planets and other players' armies! Players can command thousands of armies, monsters and magical creatures in this game. Build a huge army to defeat other players with awesome magical powers from many factions of the magical universe. Use strategy, brute force or magic to command your mighty army that never ends. This is an epic conflict. Besides fighting, explore the map to find recruits and assemble a large army! Fight other players' armies, and capture fugitives after defeating them. Simultaneously chase and trap enemies with your formation and terrain.

Some notes to conquer Might And Magic Armies

With your main character, explore the map and gather helmets to bolster your army. Larger silver helmets are worth 1,000 soldiers, larger golden helmets are worth 5,000 soldiers, and smaller bronze helmets are for 200 warriors.

Additionally, smaller armies can hide in forested areas. Make sure the forest surrounds your army's circle to conceal it behind the trees. You may move about between the trees while remaining hidden, but if your circle sticks out at the sides, you'll once again become visible. Once your army is concealed, the corners of your screen will turn black.

How to control: Use the mouse to play this game.