Marbles Garden

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Are you finding a game where you can kill time? Marble Garden should be your priority. Our website also has another game for you to relax such as Geometry. In both these games, you have to react quickly. You have to protect your garden from golems who can destroy your garden.

How to play Marbles Garden

Golems are your enemies! Defeat them to protect your garden. They are the source of the marble movement. They are defeated when all marbles they push are destroyed or when the marbles behind roll over them. Don't let them push marbles into the end hole. Marbles get destroyed when you match at least three of them with the same colour.

Shoot stardust on the grass with marble to pick it up. The stardust is yellow and sparkling, As it is pretty valuable, it is not always easy to aim at it. If you pick enough stardust up it will form an extra star.

You just performed several fast matches and as a reward, you are given a rainbow projectile! It can match marbles of different colours. Tap inside the circle to shoot marble from the lawn mower cannon. Tap on the lawn mower cannon to swap the current and the next marble. Are you ready to enter this long battle? The golems are pushing marbles to destroy your garden. Let's control the cannon to break them all.

What you can experience in Marbles Garden

  • The 3D graphics will bring you a real feeling. You can see each detail is designed very skillfully.
  • This is an endless fight. You can play forever until your garden is destroyed.
  • Prevent the enemies enter the hole in the garden.
  • Children can play this game to learn distinct colours and exercise their brains
  • East gameplay and simple control won't let you down.

How to control: Use the mouse to play this game.

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