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Knife Spin

About Knife Spin

Are you confident in your shooting skills? This game will help you prove your ability. How accurately can you aim? Tap to shoot the knife, don't hurt yourself. Complete lots of levels and destroy all the planks! Knives are very dangerous so don't try to do this at home.

Stab the plank in Snife Spin

Your main goal is to destroy the planks that spin around your knife. From there, you can level up. At each play, you will have three lives. You will lose a life if you miss the plank. Notice how different fruits appear randomly. Cutting them will give you quick speed. Hitting the dynamite will also destroy the board they're on with a single hit. At the top of the screen, you can track your progress, life, and level. Do your best to make each of your throws and get your highest score!

Two modes in Knife Spin

To start the game, choose one of the 2 modes. The first mode is the classic mode where you try to complete the levels by breaking the boards into pieces. The second mode is the endless mode, where you try to destroy as many boards as possible to earn a high score. To pass the levels of the classic mode you should complete 4 stages.

Features of this game

  • Knife Spin gives you two choices of mode which are endless mode and classic mode.
  • Easy gameplay and simple control allow children to access this game.
    You can change the game theme from day to night.
  • Although the game has unimpressive graphics, you also can be addicted to this game. Another game is Geometry which can make you fall in love with the first play.

Game control: Click the mouse to shoot.