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In a cellar, you will face unpredictable obstacles. Besides, your speed is increasing, can you overcome those obstacles or are prevented by them and stop the game?

Challenges you will have to face in Horizon

Similar to other running games, when moving forward you will definitely encounter many obstacles. Moreover, your speed is getting faster and faster and the obstacles also appear denser and denser. In Horizon, right from the start of rolling the ball, it was very difficult to overcome the obstacles, later on, it will be more difficult. They are constantly moving, even if there is only a small slot, you have to pass through. Therefore, it will be more difficult to control, you have to be very focused and skillful to be able to find a solution. This game reminds people of Slope 3, with the same gameplay and high difficulty. If you haven't experienced it, you can try it out.

Special features in Horizon

Faced with those challenges, you can still get help from the game's power-ups. During the game, there will be tools to assist you such as a clock icon to help you slow down, a lightning icon to increase your speed, a shield to help you go through obstacles for a period of time, and even coins. You should take advantage of these functions to be able to go further and get a higher achievement. Besides, at the end of each turn, the game will show you your score and the highest score you have ever reached. There are many levels in Horizon for you to try, enjoy to get the highest score possible, and have fun.

How to control

You can use the arrow keys or AD keys to control the ball.

How To Play

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