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About Gpop.io

Welcome to the Gpop.io game where you can enjoy the music melody you created. Let's see whether you can make good music or vice versa a bad mix of sounds.

The game offers players around the world a great artistic environment. You will be a piano player playing this game. Creating an artist's name is the first step you need to take before becoming a pianist. Then, use the A, S, D, and F keys to type your favorite music. When the buttons with the same letter as the keys move down, you press the corresponding buttons. As a result, the sound will appear. Don't miss or press wrong any key will bring you a piece of perfect music. Are you ready to show off your piano skills? Show us!

Release date of Gpop.io

This game belongs to the io game genre like the Cubes 2048.io game. It was created in 2020 and can be played on any platform.