Geometry Dash Leyak

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Geometry Dash Leyak is a 2.1 Insane Demon featuring an Indonesian theme. Take control of the character to explore a mysterious temple in Indonesia.

This game was created by EnZore, Marwec, and Ilrell, published by EnZore, and verified by BoldStep. Marwec and ILRELL created the layout of this game. Then, it was decorated by EnZore. Inspired by Indonesian culture, this game has a colorful black magic theme, flashy effects, and complex dual. Therefore, it will certainly attract you on the first try. Play it now and enjoy it. In this game, you will get a chance to explore a mysterious temple where a black magic witch lives. This temple has hundreds of dangers that will hurt you. Therefore, you must be careful! Jump or fly up to evade all obstacles along the way. Do your best to reach the end of the level safely. After completing the adventure in this game, you can play other versions of Geometry Dash Unblocked such as Geometry Dash Reanimation, Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles, and Geometry Dash DecodeX on our website.

Relevant information about Geometry Dash Leyak

  • There are 188,486 objects in this game.
  • The length of the game is 1m 15s.
  • This game is inspired by Indonesian cultures, such as the 'Keris' and a 'Jimat' amulet. A few parts of the game contain references to Indonesian batik.
  • Leyak means a person who uses black magic and follows the demon queen 'Rangda'.

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