Geometry Dash Blush

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Welcome to Geometry Dash Blush which is an Epic Easy Demon Level. Traverse in the maze filled with deadly traps and collect all secret coins.

This game is the latest version of Geometry Dash which is developed by Bunch. In this version, you will see many changes in the maze you must traverse. For example, the color of the maze will change constantly, which will bring you an exciting playing experience. In addition, you also need to overcome more dangerous obstacles such as buzzsaws and movable high walls. Be careful! Attempt to survive and reach the final portal safely. Furthermore, this version introduces arrow symbols which are scattered along the way. If you go through them, your speed will increase dramatically. This will raise the difficulty of the game. If you are a skillful player, try this game now. After conquering the maze in this game, you can check out other games of the same style such as Geometry Dash Unblocked and Geometry Jump Bit By Bit.

How to control

Click the left mouse to jump and fly.

How To Play

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