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Gaps is a fairly new and interesting game when your task will be to shoot the ball from the starting point to the turrets in turn so that it goes as far as possible.

Don't let obstacles stop your movement

Welcome to the game Gaps, where exciting roads are waiting for you. This is a game with a rather special motif, you will need to shoot the ball so that it can move from one tower to another without colliding with the walls. The problem is that the pillars won't stay still, they will spin, causing the ball to spin as well. More serious when they do not rotate at the same speed, instead each cylinder will have a different rotation speed. This makes it harder for you to control the direction of the ball. Meanwhile, there will only be a small space for your ball to pass through to reach another tower. When you have played this game too much, if you want to find another similar game, then come to Slope 3. Join this game, you will also control the ball at lightning speed to overcome obstacles. object

Characteristics in Gaps

Gaps has many levels from easy to difficult for you to conquer. Every time you complete this level, you will be transferred to a higher level. However, as long as you hit the wall once, the game will end and you will return from the first level. At the end of the game, the system will tell you the highest level you have ever reached. In particular, the color of the game is very rich. Each turn, the system will automatically change color for both balls, obstacles and paths. Although the color changes, the objects in the Gaps are usually ton-sur-ton. Thanks to that, players will be quite surprised and excited to become a member of Gaps.

How to control

You can use the mouse to control the ball.

How To Play

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