Fun Race 3D

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Can a race with exciting challenges give you a thrilling feeling? In this game, you will participate in a running competition where you have to show off your amazing parkour skills. This is a racetrack, so you won't have to run alone. You will have to face two more opponents. You have to finish with 2nd or 1st place. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from the race. You will level up if you reach the finish line with a high rank. The character's speed is too slow so you can experience great speed in Geometry Loop Jump.

Fun Race 3D gameplay

The game has stages with different challenges of increasing difficulty. Players only need to manipulate the screen to let the character run and release their hands to stop, the obstacles are constantly moving on the game screen. Players need the ingenuity to pass the game screen.

If you hit the obstacles, your character will fall and return to the starting line. The game will end when someone reaches the finish line. You have to move as quickly as possible to the finish line first. Good luck to you!

Graphics and Sound of Fun Race 3D

Minimalist 3D graphics are quite light. Moreover, the game's graphics are fun and colourful. Smooth character movement gives players a good experience.

When hitting obstacles, there will be effects of being thrown off the track with impact sounds.

Characters will have unique victory dances when they reach the finish line.


Can I play Fun Race 3D on my mobile?

Yes, thanks to HTML technology, you can play this game on desktop and mobile.

Do I need to install Fun Race 3D?

No, you can play this game on our website.

Game control

Press the left mouse to move your character.

How To Play

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