Food Gang Run

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This game will bring you into another world where all food can act, and run as humans. You will help some food escape from their enemies. You have to face many obstacles such as police donuts, sushi with swords, pizza slices with cannons, enormous pumpkins with enormous guns, etc. Defeat them and upgrade your weapon. Besides this game, we also want to recommend an exciting world in Geometry Jump World.

Help the characters escape in Food Gang Run

A tomato, a banana, and a broccoli are escaping from a dangerous kitchen. On their adventure, they have to overcome thousands of enemies and deadly traps. Only skilled players can pass this game. For each level, you must defeat foes and power up your weapons. The poor characters are waiting for you. Hope you have a relaxing time with this game!

Move, run and kill enemies in Food Gang Run

Run and jump by pressing the right and left arrow keys, respectively. Your character will already be going along automatically but still require instruction as other foods in the kitchen continue to attack it. Additionally, automatic firing will be used.

You can equip your avatar with new weapons and armour by positioning yourself in front of enemies, shooting them down on the ground and in the air, and collecting the money they drop. Avoid any danger along the way as well, such as spikes and being shot at, since the game is over once your life bar is completely depleted.

What you may like best about Food Gang Run

  • Select from 3 uniquely weird characters that have been skillfully developed.
  • Unlock more than 50 powerful talents that can annihilate any foe.
  • To uncover wonderful rewards that might surprise you, collect stars.

Game controls

  • PC controls: Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump.
  • Mobile and Tablet Controls: Touch the movement buttons on the screen to jump and jump.

How To Play

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