Flower Shooter

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Several plants have been infected with an unknown virus in a magical forest. Now everything around them is dying. You will need to destroy them in Flower Shooter. Before you are on the screen, you will see the flowers rotate in space at a certain speed. A gun will be installed at the other end of the playing field. You will need to calculate the power and trajectory of the shot and execute it. If your vision is correct, the core will hit the target and you will destroy the flowers.

How to play Flower Shooter

In this game, you will use weapons to shoot down all the flowers. You need to aim correctly and shoot. These flowers will move continuously according to many different laws. You need to see their movement patterns and estimate the right position and time to hit. Remember to pay attention to the amount of ammo you have. The game will end if you consume all the bullets without destroying all the flowers. Shoot all the flowers to level up. This game is too easy for your level. We bring Geometry Loop Jump right here. It will confuse you.

Features in Flower Shooter

  • Easy gameplay is suitable for all ages.
  • Hit every flower to proceed to another level.
  • Impressive graphics with many colourful flowers.
  • Open new locations, use various guns and activate boosters to reach the highest score.

How to control

  • Tap to shoot on mobile
  • Left mouse click to shoot on desktop
  • Tap/click boosters in the left bottom corner to activate them.

How To Play

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