Fishing Online

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A game that provides entertainment and exercise for the brain. The fish is trapped in a tube without water, so you need to remove the pins so the water can flow into the tube. You have to be very clever to find the latches to ensure his safety. The reason is that the fish can be damaged by lava. Let's play the game to test your logical thinking now!

How to play Fishing Online

The game has simple control, only use the mouse to play this game. Before withdrawing the pegs, you should observe all the pegs as well as the dangers around the fish. Then come up with a perfect plan to get the water and keep the fish safe. You will have to face dangerous octopuses or lava. Try to destroy them or don't let them touch the little fish. Otherwise, the game will be over. This game has no time limit. However, the fewer moves, the more stars you will gain. This game has many levels with 3 main modes. The blue levels are easy, the green levels are medium and the red levels are red. Can you pass all levels with your intelligence? Good luck to you.

Skins in this game

Fishing Online give many beautiful skins which need to be unlocked by stars. Therefore, try your best to get as many stars as possible. The impressive skins will motivate your victory.

Reason to play Fishing Online

You can play this game to entertain and enhance your logical thinking. Children can also play this game. We also give another educational game which is Geometry. Children can learn about geometry through that game.

Game control: Use the mouse to play this game.

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