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Endless Runner 3D

About Endless Runner 3D

The game with top-notch graphics, where you will transform into a character who is being chased by the police. Will you be able to escape or will be caught by the police? Let's experience Endless Runner 3D!

Join in the thrilling race to avoid the police chase

Experience the thrill of running away from the police as the setting is built in Endless Runner 3D. You will play the role of the criminal being chased. On the way to escape, you will have to avoid trains going in the opposite direction, jump, or crouch to avoid obstacles. Don't let them stop you because the policeman is still behind, just slow down a bit and you will be caught. Besides, you can collect a lot of items such as diamonds, treasure chests, or power-ups that help you increase the distance from the police. If you want to change the context of the run a bit, you can switch to the intergalactic run in Run 3. This is where you will control the aliens through the adventures.

Unlock features in Endless Runner 3D

In Endless Runner 3D, with the number of diamonds you collect, you can change your character. There are many characters for you to choose from, besides, the system also tells you information for details about that character. Hard-working to collect more diamonds and unlock the character that suits you best. In addition to characters, you can also buy and upgrade items that make you stronger on the track. The score you receive will also be saved and displayed in the ranking section, this is the motivation for you to break your own record. Endless Runner 3D has vivid graphics, smooth effects, easy to control will be an indispensable part if you want to find a game to entertain. Access and experience it!

How to control

  • Press the arrow keys to move
  • Press the spacebar to use the skateboard