Run 3

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Explore the great galaxy with an alien in Run 3. Navigate your running alien through a hazardous tube. Get over gaps in the tube by jumping or shifting sides.

How to conquer Run 3

Run, and run as fast as possible! The game will bring a thrilling feeling when you negative a character at high speed. Your task is to jump over the gaps in the tube or shift the side to avoid the cracks. Before jumping or changing sides, you must observe the distance between the character and the platform. If the distance is too far, it's better to switch sides. Besides, you also must beware of the grey plats which will fall as soon as you set your foot on them. Therefore, you have to jump over them as quickly as you can.

Run 3 game mode

The game offers two main modes, including infinite and adventure. You have to pass many different levels in adventure mode while you will run on the endless tube in infinite mode. With two hard modes, you can challenge your skills. Moreover, you can unlock new aliens when moving far or passing certain levels. The unique characters are waiting for you. Don't wait anymore, click on the game to play.

More information about Run 3

Besides the two main modes, you can experience an extra mode (online mode). In this mode, you can play with other people in the same tube in Run 3. You can create a room (a public room) or create a private room. Moreover, you can choose any available public rooms on the left side of the screen. If you want to join a private room, you just need to enter its ID. It sounds interesting, right? Besides Run 3, you should give Slope Game a try. It is a running game like Run 3. However, your character in Slope Game is a ball. This game will bring many surprise experiences for you.

How to play: Use arrow keys to move the character

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