Electron Dash

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Traverse the space tunnel with an astronaut in Electron Dash. Attempt to evade the crumbling tiles and run as far as possible to get the highest possible score.

Explore the Universe in Electron Dash

Have you ever been curious about the extraterrestrial universe? Electron Dash will give you the opportunity to explore the vast universe. You will transform into an astronaut running in a special pipeline. It is assembled from many platforms. Do you think there will be obstacles in the universe? The answer is there are many lasers. In addition, there will be many gaps as well as weak platforms. If you touch them or fall into gaps, you will lose a life. Let's explore this vast galaxy with us. This game will bring a great time to you. Let's share this fun game with your friend, then challenge them. Who will get the higher score?

The objective of Electron Dash

In this game, you get an opportunity to run on the space tunnel in the galaxy. This tunnel is endless, so your goal is to run as far as possible to gain the highest possible score. You can see your running time at the top of the screen. Take caution with the crumbling tiles in the tunnel. They will start to collapse as soon as you step on them. Therefore, run as fast as possible to avoid falling out of the tunnel. The laze line also can hurt your character, so you should avoid them. If you fall into the gaps, you will lose one heart. Don't forget to collect the hearts along the way. They will help you revive right after you die.

Play this game now to explore the galaxy with many beautiful glowing stars. If you are fond of this game, be sure to check out other games of the same style such as Tunnel Runner, Run 3, and Geometry Dash Unblocked.

Get a high score in Electron Dash

This game provides a leaderboard for players. It will show the players with the highest score in the world. You can see people with high scores for the day, week, month, or all time. Can you write your name on the top of the leaderboard? To do this, you must get a high score. This leaderboard will increase the competitiveness of players. From there, the game will attract many players from around the world. Can you bring a surprise to this game? Don't forget to write down your username before playing!

Some highlights in Electron Dash

  • This game has simple control which is suitable for all age groups, even children. They can play this game to enhance their reflex.
  • You have a chance to experience colorful graphics with gorgeous stars.
  • This game provides addictive gameplay. You can spend a lot of time playing this game.
  • You can play this game in full-screen mode which can give you the best game experience.

How to control: Press the AD or Left-Right Arrow keys to move left or right.

How To Play

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