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Drift Boss

About Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a drift car game belonging to the kind of great arcade 3d game in which you as a boss drives a car on the endless road full of curves.

There is an endless road that curves like silk and your duty is very simple. You will be the one to conquer it. Drift right and left while being timely. When driving in confined spaces, pay attention and plan your drifts. On a journey full of difficulty, there are awards for you for every distance you get. There are many coins along the way, let's collect as many coins as possible. However, trying to get all coins on the road isn't encouraged because it can push your car at risk. In particular, it is necessary to be cautious with the raised areas to adjust the speed of your car because your car can be flown out off the road. Besides, at certain levels or certain scores, you can unblock cool vehicles such as trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, and more.

Before starting a race, you can buy boosters such as double score, car insurance or coins rush with coins. These boosters may be useful for you in the race. Move and move! You can give Geometry a try. Although it isn't a racing car game like Drift Boss, it will help you have a relaxing time.

More information about Drift Boss

  • You can select 3 of the same cards, to assemble. Keep assembling to upgrade to Level 5 cards.
  • In My collection, you can select a level 5 car to drift.
  • In Lootbox, you can open hourly loot or premium loot. Hourly loot needs time to unlock while you have to watch ads to open premium loot.
  • Don't forget to get your daily rewards when you come to Drift Boss every day.

How to control

Use the computer mouse to drift left and right.