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Draw Leg

About Draw Leg

Come and play Draw Leg game. In this game, you have to draw a new leg for your square character to run, overcome all terrains, and reach the finish line.

Are you a talented painter? What can you draw? As the name of this game, you will draw legs for your square. In Draw Leg, you don’t need to control a square to run as Geometry Jump World. Your character can move automatically, but it hasn’t got legs at the beginning. 

How to play Draw Leg

Coming to Draw, your task is to draw a leg for a square character to overcome the obstacles and stairs on the way. You are free to draw legs of all shapes and sizes to help him reach the finish line. However, you should draw to suit the terrain of the track. For example, on narrow roads, you should not draw long legs and vice versa. You can draw the legs again if the shape of the legs isn’t suitable for the path. 

Along the road, you can see some gold coins. Let’s draw suitable legs for your character to go through coins. Then, you can collect them. These coins can be used to unlock many new skins in the skin shop. Every time you unlock a skin randomly, it costs 300 coins.

This game has various levels with different maps and challenges. You will pass a level if you reach the destination. Let's participate in this game to get rid of boredom and release stress after a hard-working day. Have a nice time!

The setting of the Draw Leg game

You can see a white table at the bottom of the screen. You will swipe the mouse to draw legs on it. Then, these legs will appear on the character. At the top of the screen, there is a process bar where you can see your process. If the red triangle reaches the endpoint, you go to the end of the road. 

How to control: Use your mouse to draw.


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