2048 Run 3D

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2048 Run 3D is a kind of puzzle game. In this game, your mission is to control a ball to merge with another which has the same number and colour.

Welcome to 2048 Run 3D! if you are a puzzle game lover or classic 2048 game lover, do not miss 2048 Run 3D which is a brand-new free digital online game of the 2048 version. With 3D graphics, the game brings a better gaming experience to players. Moreover, the game is suitable for children because of its easy gameplay and simple control.

How to play

As I mentioned earlier, the main purpose of this game is to combine the same number and color balls to get a 2048 ball. To get the ball or win the game in another way, you will navigate a 2 ball to slide, overcome many obstacles, and merge with another on the road. When your ball immerses with the same number of balls, the number on your ball will increase until 2048. You also need to click the mouse on the speed-up button to break the glass walls. Then, you can receive your reward. In particular, be careful with the sharp fence because the point your get in the ball will be half if you collide it. Finally, the bigger the number you have, the higher the score and the richer the reward you get. Let's come and challenge yourself. Good luck!

Some features of 2048 Run 3D

  • The game is designed with 3D graphics
  • Children and family can play this game
  • Turn off or on the game sound with a speaker icon
  • If you think 2048 Run 3D is too easy for you, Slope 2 can challenge you with tons of slope and dangerous tracks

How to control

  • Use the mouse
  • Tap to play

How To Play

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