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Craft Runner


About Craft Runner

Are you ready for the chase in the Craft Runner game? There is a zombie that will chase you right behind you. Your task is to run away from it. However, the path will not be smooth. You will face tons of obstacles like lava, explosives, barriers, etc. If you bump into them, you will be caught by the zombie immediately. Therefore, you must use your flexible control ability to overcome all difficulties.

Craft Runner gameplay

In order to cross the finish line in this game, you must run through a series of obstacles. You may collect or buy various items, such as magnets, jet packs, lives, etc, to assist you along the road. There are also difficulties that call for the application of both brain and physical skills. Don't forget to gather gold along the way since it may come in handy.

Craft Runner demands you to keep on a straight path, avoid obstacles, and solve puzzles in order to progress through stages, in contrast to other sandbox games that allow you to explore wherever you want in the globe. If you wanna more thrill, it is better to experience Go Up Dash.

Features of the Craft Runner game

  • You are able to play this endless game forever until you hit the obstacles.
  • Collect the gold to buy some support items such as magnets, jet packs, etc. They will support you on the road.
  • The further you move, the more difficult the game is. The speed of the character also increases.

How to control

  • Move Left: left arrow
  • Move Right: right arrow
  • Jump: Up arrow
  • Slide: down arrow