Crab And Fish

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Welcome to the ocean world. Here you will see a colourful but also dangerous world. You can also explore a brilliant world in Slope 3. In this puzzle game, you will become a brave crab. The goldfish are in captivity. Use the power of the crab to rescue the goldfish. There are many captives so you have to go deep under the sea. Don't fall off the blocks. The poor uncles are waiting for you.

Rescue the goldfish in Crab and Fish

In order to descend as far as possible, click to break apart the coloured blocks. Be cautious! Be careful not to leave the playing area. You can play with a total of 4 lives. In the event that you unintentionally leave the playing field, you will forfeit one life. To get as many points as possible, try to save as many goldfish as possible. Many other players on the same quest as you may be seen on the route. To defeat these opponents, dive deep below the water. It's a never-ending rescue till you lose the game. Do you have faith in your skills? Multiplayer is a feature of this game.

Some things about Crab And Fish

  • You have a chance to experience an endless game which can challenge your limit.
  • You can play the game on your mobile or desktop to relax.
  • Children also can play this game as an educational game.
  • The beautiful graphics will attract you at the first play.
  • Game music also be a significant factor make you like this game.
  • Practice your brain and cleverness.

Game control: Click the left mouse to destroy blocks.

How To Play

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