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Color Road

About Color Road

Take part in the Color Road game to enjoy an interesting running game created by Voodoo. In the game, you navigate a color ball to run on a track in the air.

Welcome to Color Road! There are a track and so many different color balls in the game. Your duty is to control a color ball to run with increasing speed so that your color ball collides with the ball having the same color. If your ball touches the different-colored ball, the game will be over.

When starting the game, your ball will roll down the road slowly. However, the running speed of the ball in Color Road will be faster and faster. Besides, the colors of balls on the road constantly change. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the ball every second if you do not want to end the game early. Let's hold the left mouse button and swipe it right and left to move the ball right and left. Finally, after conquering the game, you might start a new conquering journey with Dino Run, Top Archer, and Tower Stack Slip.