Dino Run

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Dino Run is a running and survival game in which you have to steer a dinosaur to go past all the obstacles and save him from tons of disasters.

Dino Run is designed with the background of extant dinosaurs. However, that peace did not last long when everything was obliterated when a meteorite suddenly dropped from the sky. Natural catastrophes like tornadoes and volcanoes happen frequently. Your objective in the game is to help a little dinosaur try to survive these catastrophes. To move the dinosaur away from the tornado behind it and avoid hazards like wormholes, wooden stakes, pebbles, etc., use the arrow keys. It is necessary to remember that your dinosaur will get sucked up by the cyclone behind you if it pauses for a second. Therefore, it must run nonstop all the time. In addition, there will be a few helpful luminous items that the dinosaur will encounter while running. Let's gather it to make your dinosaur stronger. Break a leg! After you succeed to protect the dinosaur, let's continue with Burnout Drift, Terraria, and Dino Rush - Hypercasual Runner.

How To Play

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