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Clash Of Heroes

About Clash Of Heroes

Clash Of Heroes is an action game developed by XiferGames. Your purpose in the game is to defend your towers and demolish the towers of your opponent.

The gameplay of Clash Of Heroes is straightforward and suitable for players of all ages. When you start the game, you must fight with other players to defend your towers and demolish your opponents' towers. If you destroy all of your opponent's towers, you win the game. Specifically, each team has three towers from which its warriors will emerge. Your current objective is to arrange your soldiers in a reasonable manner. Therefore, when adversaries come, your men may engage them in combat.

The game has a lot of stages with ever-increasing difficulty due to the rising number of foes. In addition, winning a level in Clash of Heroes will reward you with medals, experience, and gold. They will help you enhance your warriors and fortress, allowing you to overcome more formidable foes. After protecting your towers, you can come to Tower Defense and Agma.io to conduct protection tasks.