Tower Defense

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Protect your castle from the enemies in Tower Defense. Construct defense towers and upgrade them to stop opponents from attacking your castle.

Defend your castle in Tower Defense

Do you love strategy games? They are very addictive games for gamers. You have to use your intelligence to create great strategies in Tower Defense. The monsters want to attack and destroy your castle. You need to build defensive towers to cover your castle. Remember that you must destroy the monsters before they can approach your castle. Monsters must go through a path if they want to reach your castle. At this point, you will build defensive towers on this path. However, you can only build buildings at specified locations.

How to build defense towers in Tower Defense

First of all, you need to know clearly about the kinds of defense towers. There are four kinds of defense towers you can choose. They are Arrow Tower, Cannon Tower, Lightning Tower, and Ice Tower. These towers will help to kill enemies who are on their way to attack your castle. You can get coins from fallen enemies. Note that the more rivals you can eliminate, the more coins you can claim. Do your best to earn as many coins as possible. From that, you can buy more powerful towers and kill monsters easily. Besides buying towers, you can sell them. However, you can get fewer coins from selling towers. You should remember that the more expensive towers are stronger. In addition, you can upgrade your tower with coins.

The levels in Tower Defense

There are 17 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty in this game. In particular, at Level 17, you have to confront the command-in-chef of the rivals as well as the final boss. Attempt to defeat all of them and protect your castle. At each level, there are some attack waves. If you can protect your castle and kill all monsters in all waves, you can advance to the level. You can see many useful statistics on the screen. They can be the number of the wave, your castle HP, your coin, etc. One more thing, you should take care of the HP of your castle. If the monsters can attack your castle, the HP will reduce. When it runs out of, the game will be over. If you don't understand the rules of the game, you can see the instruction on the screen. After winning the fights in this game, you can play Geometry Dash Unblocked, Join Clash Epic Battle, and Bazooka Boy Online for more fun. If you enjoy these games, you can share them with your friends. Have a great time!

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

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