Cannon Shooter

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Break all floors in Cannon Shooter. You will own a powerful cannon in this game. Just use it to destroy floors. Beware of many dangerous spikes on the floors.

A method to relax after a long day

You are too tired from work and study. You don't know how to release your stress. Why don't you try Cannon Shooter which is a shooting game? This game requires excellent observation and shooting skills. Do you have all these skills? Don't too worry if you are a beginner. Playing this game many times can increase your skills. Besides this game, you also can entertain with Geometry Loop Jump.

Easy gameplay in Cannon Shooter

An infinite fight is happening in this game. The hazardous floors are coming. You have to break them with your powerful cannon. This cannon will shoot many colourful balls. Although these balls are very beautiful, they are very strong. They can destroy a solid floor. On these floors, you can see many deadly spikes. Don't shoot at them unless you want to end the game. You will own 5 lives. You will run out of life when your balls hit the spikes 5 times. As mentioned, this is an endless game. So, you can play the game forever until your cannon is broken. Hope you will have a better time with this game.

Features of Cannon Shooter

  • This game has simple graphics and addictive gameplay. Children also can play this game.
  • This game is playable on the web browser thanks to its HTML5 technology

Game control: Use the mouse to play this game.

How To Play

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