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Bob The Robber

About Bob The Robber

This game will turn the player into a famous thief! Raised with exciting stories about the brave Robin Hood, Bob enjoys helping others with his unlocking and anti-theft skills. The original of this series, Bob the Robber 1 tells the story of how the protagonist steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. Shadows, sentinels, security cameras and vicious guard dogs are all difficulties you have to face. Put on your mask and pass the levels. Silence and stealth is the first rule to becoming a super thief! Do you want more thrill? Geometry Neon Dash is for you.

Problems you have to solve in Bob The Robber

This game offers entertaining gameplay for everyone. Stealth and puzzles are the two most prominent features of the game. In your journey through the levels, you will encounter locked doors, hidden treasures, fearsome sentinels and fierce guard dogs! Shh, shut up! Even a creaking noise can break you. Your goal is to complete a heist at each level without getting caught. You will have to open the lock on the door and get past the guards.

Tackle the problems in Bob The Robber

An excellent thief, Bob always carries a reliable padlock in his pocket. Wait for an opportune moment and insert the locking pin into the gap to release the mechanism and open the door. On some levels, you will have to disable the laser. To do that, find the correct fuse box and cut the cable. The guards were overconfident, and they tended to wander around without looking too closely behind. You can take advantage of this weakness! Bob can blend in with the darkness and wait for the right moment to knock the guards unconscious. Once the security guards have disembarked, Bob can continue on his way. However, things may not go according to plan if you are caught by one of the many security cameras! Hide in the dark, climb the stairs or dash forward and position yourself below the camera to avoid detection. It's a close call!

Game control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to play. Use the space bar to attack the guards.