Block Blast

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Block Blast is a puzzle game in which you adjust the blocks so that it forms a row of 8 tiles to break them. The more blocks you break, the higher your score.

The Block Blast's gameplay

This game gives you a square platform in which there are 64 tiles. Its width has 8 cells and its length has 8 cells. In addition, the game also provides a lot of blocks of different shapes. Your task is to arrange these blocks in the 8x8 platform above in rows of 8 cells. When you successfully align 1 such row, they disappear and you get some points. You try to destroy as many blocks to achieve a high score.

One point to note in this puzzle game is that you are not allowed to have the platform full. When the platform is full it means there are no cells for blocks. The game will be over if this happens. Therefore, you must have an overview to strategize for this puzzle game. The light but attractive puzzle games will bring you great experiences. Wood Block Puzzle 2 is another puzzle game that you are encouraged to play.

How To Play

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