Ball Drop 3D

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Ball Drop 3D will give you a great race track where platforms appear on high and low floors. With the ball's fast running speed, you have to make it fall on the right platforms.

Go through the challenges in Ball drop 3D

Your main goal in this game is to control the ball so that it jumps from platform to platform. However, the platforms will not align with each other, but they will be in alternate positions and different heights. Moreover, when you land, you will be able to accelerate unexpectedly. Therefore, you need to always be ready to control the ball and find a strategy for the next destination of the ball. As long as the ball does not fall off the platforms, the game continues. Just like this game, Go Up Dash also takes players to a path full of challenges. But its speed will make it easier for you to adapt.

Rewards for you in Ball Drop 3D

The race track is endless, there, you can collect gems. In addition, every day as long as you access the game, you will receive a gift that is usually gems. Accumulate the gems you earn along with daily rewards to make changes. In the store there are many beautiful skins for your shadow, even the platforms can be changed here. As long as you have enough gems, making these changes is extremely easy. To help players get more inspired, the creator also supports gifts from time to time. For a certain time, you can open a gift for yourself and receive a certain number of gems. Joining us to conquer the platforms.

How to control

You can use the arrow keys to control the direction of the ball.

How To Play

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