Ball Avoid

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Ball Avoid is a video game where the balls keep falling, can you avoid colliding with them? Show your control ability in this addictive game.

The little girl's challenges

With this game, its name speaks for your most important task, which is to avoid the ball. In a narrow space, balls are falling toward you, just move in the directions to avoid balls of different colors and you will continue to survive. There is a runtime bar above, when it runs out your task is done too. The longer you avoid the balls of different colors, the longer you will survive and the more your score will be added. That score will be displayed on the screen after each play, along with the highest score you have ever achieved in Ball Avoid. If you are tired of this game, you can try Go Up Dash. This is a game that allows you to freely choose a character to join the race without sacrificing anything.

Some advantages of Ball Avoid

The game Ball Avoid has classic images and graphics that make it easy for players to access. Besides, simple gameplay is also a factor that attracts people's attention. No need to spend too much time getting used to the game, you can firmly grasp the method of cracking it. In Ball Avoid, the balls fall down very quickly, so your observation and reflexes will be taken to a whole new level. Moreover, funny sounds also make players really relax. If you are under pressure and want to choose a simple game for fun, then come to Ball Avoid. As both a tool for forging focus and a place to relieve stress, Ball Avoid is sure to make you satisfied.

How to control

You can use the mouse to control.

How To Play

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