Arrow Challenge

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When looking at the name of the game, do you think this is a game that requires shooting skills? Really, this is a puzzle game. Here you will have to choose the correct calculation to increase your number of names. At the end of the road, use these arrows to take down all the guards. You don't have to aim or shoot at the target. Your task will be to think fast to find the right portal. Remember, the more names you have, the stronger you are.

How to play Arrow Challenge

The arrows with extraordinary power can knock down any guard. With this game, you can become the best archer. In this game, you have to use mathematical thinking to increase the number of arrows. Your arrows have to move through a path with a series of portals containing calculations. Now your task is to control the name entering the portal with a calculation that increases the number of your names. You should stay away from the red portals because they can reduce your number of names.

What do you get after each level in Arrow Challenge

The game offers many levels for players, Difficulty will increase gradually through each group, When you complete the levels, you will get some gold coins. You can use these coins to improve your arrow type. Will you be able to pass the rounds? Let's play to answer this question.

Features of Arrow Challenge

  • The game has simple graphics and easy gameplay, so it is suitable for all ages.
  • You can play the game on a desktop or mobile thanks to its HTML5 technology.
  • This game exercises your brain with many calculation problems. You also can improve your mathematical thinking in Geometry.

How to control: Swipe the mouse to move the arrow direction.

How To Play

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