Be the first to comment is an intriguing multiplayer running game in which you gain victory when reaching the swimming pool first. Compete with other players!

The summer is coming, you need a fun game to reduce the temperature. Coming to right now! You will have a chance to enter an aquapark for free. Sounds interesting, right? However, you need to participate in a competition on this aquapark. Slide on the waterslide and defeat all other players to get the first prize.

In this game, your mission is to run all the way to the water slide and run to the swimming pool safely. You can push other players off the track and vice versa. Moreover, you can jump from the upper waterslide to the lower waterslide to shorten the distance you need to run. However, it is very challenging, so be careful. You can easily fall in the water. Then, the game will be over.

As the name of the game, the background will be a water park with interesting and attractive water slides. Besides that, you will participate in competitions with other players to gain the top position. Can you conquer the waterslides and become the top players in this game with your skills? Let's start the game and give it a try!

Note that you can unlock different skins for your character. Not only in, players can choose a skin, but even in the game Go Up Dash, players can experience many different characters. Go Up Dash will not let you down.

Features of

  • The fascinating running game for multiplayer
  • Try to become one of the top three players
  • Unlock new skins for your character
  • 3D graphics and entertaining gameplay bring the best time for you

How to control

Drag your mouse to control your character.

How To Play

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