Adventure Girl

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This adventure game is inspired by the documentary Adventure Girl. This film was written by Ferrin Frazier and directed by Herman C. Raymaker. It was born in 1934. Thanks to HTML5 technology, you can make minutes and hours go by like water with just one click.

Your mission in Adventure Girl

In this game, you have to control the girl to overcome monsters and obstacles. You can jump over them or actively attack monsters. Use apples as your weapon., You can collect apples on the tree or buy them in the store. The number of apples is limited, so you need to throw them correctly. You have 3 lives. Each time a monster attacks you, you will lose one life. If you fall into the hole, you will have to start the game again immediately. You will have to pass 10 levels to conquer this game. If you can pass 10 levels easily, you should try Geometry Loop Jump. It has more hard levels for you.

Are you ready for adventure in Adventure Girl?

Good luck if you don't want to leave our adventurous girl alone in this marathon! If you are looking for a game to enjoy the exciting atmosphere, waste no more time! Adventure Girl is ready to take you from one adventure to another. Now is the time to awaken your inner child!

Features of Adventure Girl

  • The game offers multiple levels which can challenge your skills
  • You can play the game on your mobile or desktop
  • Play the game to have a relaxing time. Everyone can play this game thanks to its easy gameplay
  • The impressive graphics with cute backgrounds and beautiful characters

How to control

  • W/ up arrow to jump
  • A/left arrow to move left
  • D/right arrow to move right
  • B to throw apple

How To Play

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