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Adam And Eve: Snow

About Adam And Eve: Snow

December is almost around the corner. One of the most wonderful holidays, Christmas, also is coming. Eva wants a Christmas tree for this Christmas holiday. Therefore, she sends her husband Adam in search of one. Man will have to face a variety of tasks, solve riddles, and escape dangers during his adventure. Let's participate in the adventure with Adam now!

Help Adam find a perfect Christmas tree in this game

He's finding for a Christmas tree but searching for one could become difficult. Can you help him avoid grumpy soldiers and solve puzzles during his quest? Adam needs to go through lots of sticky situations with dinosaurs, guards, and puzzles and find a way out of every problem. Interact with other characters and objects around the field and try to eliminate all your obstacles. Hope you will have fun playing Adam and Eve: Snow! Eve is waiting for the perfect Christmas tree at home.

How to play Adam And Eve: Snow

This game's goal, like the others in this famous series, is to complete each level by solving various puzzles. You take control of a caveman named Adam and assist him in overcoming the hurdles he faces on his adventure through the snow. To begin, click the play button on the main menu. Adam will wait for you to find out a way out of each level. To do so, click on various items or characters on the level. Keep in mind that you must click on these items in the exact order to advance. Pull the levers and press the buttons to see what they do. If they're stuck, try something different. With trial and error, you will have more experience! Then, you can make clever plans to pass all levels.

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Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for tools, animals, and more to help Adam.
  • LEFT CLICK to use them.