5 Rex

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Do you have the ability to control 5 dinosaurs in 5 Rex at the same time? Tap on each path to control that character. It is challenging to get a high score.

Maybe you are very familiar with the running dinosaur game when the network connection is lost. This dinosaur comes back in 5 Rex with his family. With the different colours, you have to control five T-rex running continuously on the road. Although the game has easy control, it is challenging to be a master of the game.

Five T-rex are on five different lanes, and you need to help all of them jump over the obstacles. Click the mouse on the lane of the T-rex you want to jump up. You must observe quickly and tap reasonably. The obstacles will appears in each lane in turn. Moreover, you must concentrate on all five T-rex. If one T-rex collides with the obstacle, all of them will fall. As a result, you must restart the game.

The game has familiar graphics, but the difficulty of the game increase five times. It's also an endless game until your T-rex lays down. Are you confident with your skills? Can you control five characters at the same time? Let's click on the game to show your skills and experience a thrilling feeling. Besides 5 Rex, there is another arcade game with simple graphics Geometry. The game can help kids and children distinguish different geometries.

Features of 5 Rex

  • The game is designed with retro graphics and it is based on the familiar theme - dinosaur game
  • You keep running until one of five T-rex hits the obstaclesobstacles
  • You can see many obstacles along the way like big cactus, birds, etc. Avoid all of them and protect your dinosaur
  • This childhood game is suitable for all ages, even children and family
  • 5 Rex is an entertaining game

How to control

Click the mouse on the land of the T-rex you want it to jump.

How To Play

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