Zombie Survivor Fight

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Let's kill all stickman zombies to survive in an exciting shooting game called Zombie Survivor Fight. Upgrade your gun to continue to beat the new wave of zombies.

Welcome to Zombie Survivor Fight and become a famous zombie hunter. Zombies are flooding into your house. Your mission in this game is to kill all zombies in this game. Let's hold the left mouse button and slide it to move your stickman. If you want to attack zombies, press the left mouse button. Have a great time!

Tips for you to eliminate zombies in the game

After killing a number of zombies, you can get a certain amount of gold coins. Use that amount of money to upgrade your weapons. You can hire guards and set traps to kill zombies faster when you have more money. Buy heavy weapons like machine guns to repel the zombie tsunami and defend your territory.

How To Play

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